Kids Bike Trail for the Spruce Pine

Client: Spruce Pine, NC - Public Housing Authority

ETD was contracted with the Spruce Pine Public Housing Authority to design and construct a kids bike trail for the residents. Our firm executed a design and layout with a mapping package. Then we executed the construction immediately after completing the design phase. The goal was for the kids trail to occupy a steep hillside above an apartment complex. The land was an attractive nuisance that needed to be monitored and cleaned up. We immediately saw the potential in the small land and designed a miniature stacked-loop trail system that fit on a mere 2 acres. While the land was not suitable for a pump track or bike park, it was perfect to provide a unique and repeatable experience. Hard-packed trail gently twists and rolls through dense pine forest, maximizing flow and repeat-ability in a small area.  The mellow climbing trail leads to 3 different trails that descend from the middle and the top of the property. The trail is for residents only, and is the first project in the area to utilize a bikeshare program for low-income residents. Signs were installed throughout the network to ensure fluid navigation and safety. This project is a great example of ETD’s ability to provide excellent trail experiences in unlikely locations. Our team really enjoyed the focus that this project put on the kids in the community.