ETD is Andrew Mueller and Peter Mills.  We are based out of Frederick, Maryland and Asheville, NC.  ETD was born in North Carolina and maintains strong ties to the southeast.  We create trails that integrate unique features into the natural landscape while maintaining high standards of safety and sustainability. We offer a variety of natural surface and resurfaced trails for many types of clients. Our specialties include multi-use trails, mountain bike trails, backcountry hiking trails, and bike parks. We are experienced building both machine-built and hand-built trails and all types of mountain bike features.  ETD can help you at any phase of your trail project, from visioning and design to construction and maintenance.  We recognize that every trail project is unique, and we’re eager to cater to your specific needs to help ensure your trail project reaches its full potential.

The first step to any trail project is a good layout and design.  We offer pin flagging and GPS tracks for trail designs of all sizes.

We use a variety of mini excavators to construct trails of all types.  Machines enable us to produce more trail with less time, effort, and money.  

Nothing can compare to the artistic quality of a minimalist, hand built trail.  Hand building is perfect for clients interested in creating narrow, technical trails with lots of natural character.

Trails for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians.  We strive to create something that will be enjoyable for a variety of users.

Purpose built trails that offer mountain bikers an experience designed by riders, for riders.  We offer MTB trails for all abilities and styles.

Bike parks are gaining popularity across the world.  From small scale urban pump tracks to large parks with a variety of features, ETD can help design and build an amazing asset for your community.

Sometimes trails just need a “facelift”.  We offer maintenance solutions that will improve existing trails while adhering to the character of the trail that made it great in the first place.

We are experienced building low impact hiking trails in sensitive areas.  These trails often feature narrow tread, steps, and tight switchbacks.

We offer GIS services including trail inventory and map creation.

We can help your club or staff build better trails!  Volunteer management, machine instruction, and mountain bike coaching are just some of the services included here.