Trail Planning Services

  • May 27, 2015

Elevated Trail Design offers extensive trail planning services, including:


Trail Layout & Design

Trail System Analysis

Trail Facility/Bike Park Master Planning

GIS Mapping

Volunteer/Staff Training

We offer a variety of planning services, ranging from basic trail flagging to detailed master plans. We can create user maps of existing trail networks, or detailed concepts for future improvements. We have a refined trail analysis process to identify and display problem spots, signage issues, opportunities for expansion, trail relocations, & more.

Planning Projects:

Harris Lake County Park, Wake County, NC: Spring 2015. The project included a full trail system analysis, trail flagging, a flow trail design, and GIS mapping.

Francis Beatty Park, Matthews, NC: Fall 2014. This project included a vision and design for a pump & flow park, as well as a project execution plan and fundraising materials.