Phillip S. Miller Park, with Progressive Trail Design

  • September 12, 2014

Client:  Progressive Trail Design/City of Castle Rock

Location: Phillip S. Miller Park. Castle Rock, Colorado

Elevated Trail Design subcontracted for Progressive Trail Design to help design and construct this unique urban trail system.  ETD designed and built 4 miles of unique machine-built trail in this Denver suburb.  The terrain in Castle Rock is semi-arid with varying soil types, scrub oak, desert vegetation, some rock, and plenty of unique contours.  ETD’s trail layout maximized the potential of this under-utilized property, ensuring to make full use of the deep contours in the topography, and accessing the several small peaks overlooking the town.  The trail is mostly fast and twisty with bike park style turns and rollers, and a few challenging rocky sections sprinkled in. This project is a great example of how a design/build construction approach can maximize a project’s potential and create memorable trail with great efficiency.